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Promotional Flash Drives – Wholesale and Bulk Memory Sticks

Why You should Replace Business cards with Promotional USBs

In the competitive modern market there are many benefits to using something as loved and popular as promotional USBs to create awareness for your company. As a business owner you can often feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing tactics used today and the shear amount of promotional items on offer. These are used in order to create interest in your customer and find a way to create a lasting impression that will allow them to remember your business and contact you easily if required. This is why taking advantage of stylish, high quality and cost effective promotional flash drives that your customers are sure to love is such a great idea.


Replacing Business Cards with Promotional USBs

When you think of a smart way for a business to promote themselves effectively, the use of business cards often come to mind. This is because they have been a popular and proven way in the past to get your brand into your potential customer’s hand. They are also easy to store, carry and they have many benefits. Business cards create a suave way to showcase who you are and what your company does. They come in an exceptional amount of styles and you can customised them to reflect what you want them to display. You can choose from standard business card sizes, or have them custom cut into the size and shape you want. You can have them be printed on one side or both sides, and in colour or in black and white. They can also be created from different paper types or recycled material.


It is easy to see why business cards have been so popular for so long as they offer you a way to create something that looks smart and can contain all your personal details or that of you company, however they have many drawbacks, which is why they need to be replaced with promotional USBs. Business cards can be quiet costly to produce and often you need to order a large amount if you want them professionally printed, giving you an oversupply. They are not unique and offer no advantage to your potential client other than holding your details, which through the card being damaged or misplaced can be lost. It is also a proven fact that people are more likely to throw them away than keep them. Promotional flash drives solve most of these drawbacks.


Benefits of a Promotional Flash Drives

There are many benefits to replacing your personal or company’s business cards with Promotional USBs. One of the main reasons is that people love getting free things that they can use and by offering them a handy storage device you are already starting a positive relationship with them. USBs continue to grow in popularity and storage size as their costs start to become more economical, this makes them great for your business to use as cost effective marketing items, especially if bought through a wholesaler.


Promotional flash drives have also become very customisable, so that you can chose what size and colour you want, and can also select different shapes and fully brand them with your logo. Another advantage is that even the smaller custom branded USBs contain a lot of storage space, giving you ample room to add your contact information onto them, as well as any promotional items such as brochures, advertisements, company videos excreta. This lets you supply your potential clients with all the information they require to contact you and you are guaranteed they will not simply through away your Promotional USB like they would a business card.

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